Live in the Meantime

At Live in the Meantime, we’re striving to cultivate a community that provides encouragement for living a God-centered life. We want to help you focus on living this life to the fullest while you wait for that next thing to start…because no matter what you’re waiting on, your life is happening right now and God has a plan for this moment and the next! So let’s start living in the meantime, shall we?

About Us

In 2013, Sofi (left) and I (Emily) met at our local Bible study and became fast friends. Over the years, we knew God had big plans for both of us. Several unexpected paths have inspired us to share our aspirations, lifestyle, and faith on a new platform – this lovely blog we call Live in the Meantime!

We established Live in the Meantime in 2013 after both going through a job hunt. We realized that even in the wait, we want to be living our lives to the fullest. Our hope is to cultivate a community that inspires, encourages, and doesn’t shy away from real talk.

No matter what season you’re in, you’ll always be looking forward to that next ‘thing” – a new job, a new relationship. We desire that this little corner of the internet be a place to share what we’ve learned and offer encouragement for others that are stuck in the waiting. In addition, we want to have some fun along the way, so you should expect to see some travel tips, DIYs, and recipes.


We are so glad you’re here!