January Favorites for Making 2018 a Purposeful Year

January Favorites for Making 2018 a Purposeful Year

Happy New Year!! How are we already two weeks into 2018?! January may have you reviewing the past year and setting goals for the the year ahead. Well, I want to share with you a few things that, I hope, will make 2018 my most purposeful year yet and maybe your too!

Now, I’ve set goals in previous years and I wouldn’t say those years weren’t purposeful, but I’ll admit that my “resolutions” fizzled out before springtime hit and by the end of the year I’d wonder what did I accomplish…

For 2018 I want to live intentionally and on purpose. I’m tired of life running me. So here are a few things I’ve discovered that have, so far, helped out a lot!

The Next Right Thing podcast by Emily P. Freeman

I cannot recommend this podcast enough. Author and blogger, Emily P. Freeman, created this podcast for the decision averse and her soothing voice conveys such honesty, truth, and wisdom on how to stop and really examine your next step. The podcasts are around 15-20 minutes each, but they are jam packed with goodness! I’ve been listening to it on my way to work or at lunch. There’s 19 episodes right now and she releases a new one each Tuesday. I just started listening to it, so I have a bit to catch up on, but so far she has been speaking directly to me and my season of life.

PowerSheets from Cultivate What Matters

Lara Casey created PowerSheets and it is an intentional goal planner focused on setting goals that really matter! They come in a yearly version or undated 6 months version. The PowerSheets starts off with a prep work section where you examine your motives and fears as well as what has and has not worked in the past. Then in the Goals section you brainstorm what you want your year to look like and take the most important items and turn them into actionable goals. Each month has a short prep work section and the main focus, for me, is the Tending List. The Tending List is used to break down your overall goals into smaller actionable steps. There are daily, weekly, and monthly steps that you tend to during each month. For example, this year I want to eat takeout less, so I made a weekly goal to bring my lunch to work at least three times per week. I got the yearly version last year (and again this year) and really liked it, but I wasn’t consistently using it or sticking to my plans… which brings me to my next favorite thing this month:


Sofi and I are doing the PowerSheets together this year! We started the prep work in November and didn’t actually finish until the first week of January, but that’s okay, because as Lara Casey would say – “There’s nothing magical about January 1.” The prep work is very important and the Cultivate What Matters blog and instagram have a whole PowerSheets Prep Week to help you get started!

But seriously, being able to share your goals with a friend and encourage and celebrate success with one another has already been a huge help! For example, we both have a goal to get up earlier and use our time wisely in the mornings, so we decided to FaceTime over coffee every morning at 6:15 am. This gets us up and chatting and starting our day with something fun. And guess what?! It was difficult, but we did it for almost the whole week! Admittedly, I would not have gotten up early if Sofi wan’t expecting to FaceTime with me – I am not a morning person, no matter how early I go to bed. So, our plan is to do this every weekday morning for the month of January and then regroup on our strategy to wake up earlier at the end of the month when we meet to do our Month in Review page in our PowerSheets.

What are you favorite things this month? Have you set some goals this year? Do you already use PowerSheets? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. Jazz says:

    Sharing goals and encouragement with friends is so helpful and a great way to hold up a mirror to yourself when you aren’t following through on what you shared!

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