Unexpected Mercy

prayer mercy

As you know, when we started this blog we were both in the middle of applications, interviews, and frustration on the unbearably slow process of job hunting…

I (Emily) graduated from college 3 years ago (crazy, it feels like just last year!) and had tried and unsuccessfully looked for a career in human resources. After college I got a part time job in retail while I continued to job hunt. A few years and promotions later, I was still in retail and frustrated with the schedule that goes along with the retail industry. I enjoyed the store I worked for and the people I worked with, but I eventually reached a point where I was not okay with the retail schedule anymore. I longed to work Monday through Friday and be able to go to church every Sunday and meet up with friends on the weekends more often and without having to plan get togethers at least two weeks in advance. So, in the summer of 2016, I decided to get serious about finding an office job. My family was a huge support in this journey, encouraging me and praying for me. I also roped in, by email, some ladies that I met through Bible study at my local church, to ask for prayer that God would provide the right job for me. I also had Sofi going through the same process with me, which was a huge help, because we could commiserate and celebrate the ups and downs of the job hunt process with each other. It involved quite a bit of wine, chocolate, and Hallmark’s When Calls the Heart (more on our obsession with WCTH, later!)

The way I got my new job was totally unexpected. I fully expected to find a job through one of my many, many online applications or maybe through one of those sweet ladies from Bible study, who is a recruiter that helped Sofi and I out with a lot of our job search questions. But, I actually got my new job through a “random” (I don’t believe in coincidence) meeting at church on a Tuesday night…

So on one particular Tuesday, Sofi and I were hanging out with some friends after the service, when a guy came over who knew our friend. She made introductions and this guy and I talked about what we did for a living and I happen to say I work in retail but was currently looking for a job in human resources. I don’t know what made me tell him that I was currently job hunting. I’m a pretty private person when I meet new people but, I happened to say I was looking and and he told me he works at a human resource company and they’re looking to hire some people and offered to get my contact info and pass it along. I was surprised and reservedly excited – I didn’t want to get my hopes up too high… Well, low and behold, he passed my name along and I had an interview a few weeks later. And a week or two after that I had an offer! And now, I’m about to go into my third week of working there!!

At the same time of interviewing with my new company, one of my online applications had made it to an actual person and I was interviewing for another position that I was really hoping would be the one. After I had both interviews, I was totally unsure of which job could, if either, be the right job. I kept praying that God would only allow for one offer and that that would be the right position. And I have to say that two weeks into my new job, God is so good! I’m really excited for this new position and everyone that I’ve met at the company so far is so friendly and willing to help.

A couple Sundays ago, we had Steve Farrar as a guest speaker at church, and one of his main points was that if you’re life is hanging on by a thread God will provide an unexpected and unlikely mercy. I realized this past week that meeting this guy on a Tuesday night was an unexpected mercy. I was a month or so into a job hunt that wasn’t going anywhere and getting a little more frustrated with my retail schedule each week, when God brought an answer to my prayer that I didn’t expect at all.

With this new job, I am able to consistently do the things I so longed to do when I worked retail. I am so grateful to God for bringing about that meeting at church on a Tuesday night, as well as for the guy to be so generous and willing to help out someone he just met, and for all the family and friends that prayed and walked this journey with me and continued to pray and encourage me throughout the process.

Are any of you going through a job hunt? do you have a story of how God provided an unexpected mercy? We’d love to hear from y’all!

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