What is your packing style?

packing style

How do you make sure your gym bag, carry-on, or laptop bag has everything you need?

Two of everything

If you are a regular gym goer you most likely figure out early on that packing and unpacking all of your shower supplies, cosmetics and hair products is not very efficient. The plus side of having two of everything is if you run out, you always have a back up!

I’ll buy it when I get there

Y’all are daredevils. I ran on this side of the fence once, cost me mucho dolares, packing for our annual girls trip I stayed up all night packing the night before and forgot to buy sunscreen. Now we have to pause here, I have to tell you about my sunscreen habits, I normally wear 100+ SPF on my face and 50+ on my body (yes, I know sunscreen is not really that much more effective over 30 SPF, but it makes me feel better) so I thought, we’re going to a tropical place, they’ll have it on every corner. Harsh reality, not the case… my one bottle of 30 SPF sunscreen cost me $55.00… you are probably asking, didn’t your friends bring any?! Absolutely, plenty of tanning oil and sun-in spray.

Excess baggage fees

No way will you be caught without enough clothing options. But, being extra prepared sometimes comes at a steep cost, with most excess baggage fees in the $100+ neighborhood…but if you can rely on Visa, Visa, MasterCard then fear not. You’ll most likely end up saving the day for a friend who crammed everything in a carry on and forgot PJ’s for your winter Alaskan adventure.

Executive Platinum

Trying to remember the last time you weren’t packing or unpacking a suitcase may take a while. You have mastered the dimensions of your travel suitcase and carry one backup outfit that could convert into an entire weeks wardrobe if necessary, because you are just that good. Priority boarding, Admirals Club and being on a first name basis with your regular flight crew isn’t far off. TSA Precheck and Global Entry card in hand, you are ready for yet another business trip.

You may find yourself aligning with several of these 4 styles or depending on the purpose of travel a specific style, either way wishing you safe travels and happy exploring!

Let us know your travel style and any tips you may want to share!



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